Welcome to the Midwest Endurance Rider website!

In 2007 I was introduced to Endurance Riding.  I thought I would die, but found out that I loved this sport.  It has proven to be both a challenge and a reward.  I have met, worked with, and befriended fantastic people and horses.

My primary goal for the site is to provide information to anybody interested in distance riding, from beginner to advanced.  Please keep in mind that every horse is different; you must assess your horse and how he/she is responding to the conditioning before going farther or faster.  I am by no means an expert in this sport – which is why I am constantly researching! – but I love to share information to those interested.

My secondary goal for this site is education – about the horse, any nutrition, electrolytes, and body information I can gather.  This is further enforced by the “Equine Bodywork” page – in 2017 I became certified under Holistic Horseworks/April Battles‘ curriculum.  If you’re wondering why your horse keeps coming up lame, is asymmetrical, or is showing a different attitude about life, consider getting some bodywork done!  More info on how bodywork can help your horse is found on the Equine Bodywork page.

Please enjoy and contact someone if you are interested in starting in endurance – look through some of the organizations/websites on the Links and Articles page for information or to find a mentor in your area!

To contact me you can comment through a blog or email me at midwestendurancerider@gmail.com


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