Hennepin Canal Walk – Days 12-13

We did it!  We finished the main portion of the Hennepin Canal – it was so cool! Day 12 Start: East 1200th Street, Geneseo End:  1st St/Rt 84, Colona Mileage:  9.04 miles Cool Things:  Lift bridge, Green River crossings, “Christmas House” This hike was supposed to be about 6.5-7 miles long.  However, our “trusty crewman,” […]

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Hennepin Canal Walk – Days 7-11

I realized I had been quite lax in updates, so here’s the “CliffsNotes version”! Day 7 Start: Bridge #15 End:  350 E Street, Sheffield, IL Mileage:  5.7 miles Cool Things:  The feeder connection, wildlife evidence, “electrical jewelry” We picked up a couple new friends – Belinda and her dog Katie!  And, if memory serves correct, it […]

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2015 in review

Thirty-two countries?? That’s so wild! I love this report, even if it shows my inability to write much this year. It’s been a crazy one for sure. Here’s hoping 2016 will be better! The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2015 annual report for this blog. Here’s an excerpt: A San Francisco cable car holds […]

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Hennepin Canal Walk – Days 1-3

Bureau Junction, IL, is a postage-stamped size town, to say the least.  But somehow it’s also easy to get lost in!  They do have a bar and a post office; anything else and you’d have to ask a local or go somewhere else.  Our trusty driver (and Lori’s husband), John, graciously drove Lori and I […]

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Hennepin Canal Walk “Mission”

A lot of things have transpired since my last post, but I’m feeling inspired about something else! Winter months are hard – seeing very few ride friends, not much riding (for me!), shorter days, and COLD!!  The last few winters I have taken up “jogging” – trying to maintain an ounce of conditioning on myself […]

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100-Mile Aspirations

If you had told me ten years ago I’d be riding a horse 50 miles in one day I would have told you that you were nuts.  If you had told me that I would ride 100 miles in one day … well … I probably would have given you a deer-in-the-headlight look and discretely avoided […]

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New Season – New Start

The 2015 Season has finally begun – and what a beginning it has been! It seems that the start to the year is not only highly anticipated from all the winter cabin fever, but horses (and humans!) have had a chance to recuperate from the previous season and start anew.  The stress seems lower for […]

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This year is quite possibly the WORST start to the season I have ever had!  And that includes the first couple of seasons convinced that I was going to die from too much exercising (I was sure Lori was trying to kill me!). First – the weather.  By the time winter arrived, so did conditioning […]

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For some reason, I decided the other day that I would devote a post to something that has almost nothing to do with horses.  I’m going to talk a bit about our family farm. I grew up on a family farm – originally owned by my great-grandfather (and maybe even his wife’s family before that?). […]

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